Deep Sea Habitation Organism - "Deeg"

The Child Thing


Deeg is clearly more or less than human, he has a hunched posture and has thick skin on his back and limbs that is clearly not humanoid, on a close inspection it would resemble the skin of a trigger fish or even some kind of invertebrate. At a distance it looks kind of like perished vulcanized rubber, but up close it has a definite (if rugose) organic pattern. The softer skin in places like his underbelly and face has a purplish tone to it and looks almost slimy, although if touched it is much like normal human skin.

Almost blind in sunlight, Deeg relies heavily on his other senses, particularly his sense of touch and smell. His nose is so sensitive it can detect changes in the weather and he knows every citizen of the Hardhold by their smell, sounds or a combination of both. When presented with an unfamiliar object, Deeg will often handle or touch it a lot and the simplest things satisfy him.


Wolves of the Maelstrom
They look like angels but are made from plastic and metal, they have awful voices. While Deeg isn’t aware who or what the Wolves are exactly and does not understand their motivations, he does know they have abducted people from Site B (the under city) and that they have killed fellow underworld dwellers, although he has never been present to learn any motives.

- Wolf, Ajax and Kobayashi are Wolves of the Maelstrom and cannot be trusted.

Deeg’s Den
The old oceanic research facility now buried in the silty mud near Western Union is now accessible only by crooked, labyrinthine tunnels that interconnect with the vestigial sewer system and various other smuggler’s tunnels and so on below the Hardhold’s outer ring. Within his lair, Deeg has a stockpile of pre-Collapse food worth 5 Barter and a shrine constructed solely of hundreds of nonfunctional smart phones.

Deep Sea Habitation Organism - "Deeg"

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