Lincoln Obaugh


A tired eyed man, going to fat.

Lincoln is a big, almost portly guy who looks like he would have trouble moving well. He is hairy and smelly and tends to look around with the countenance of a recently hibernating bear. In motion, Lincoln is an odd combination of implacable sedate pacing married with a slightly disoriented manner.

He wears what was in the very ancient times a postal worker’s jumpsuit, but it has been patched, repaired and modified so much that the garment now resembles a grease stained patchwork set of overalls with some very faded postal service badges. He’s going through a flannelette phase, so his uniform has a lumberyard aesthetic to it.

Behind the wheel however, Lincoln is a different story. He looks at home in control of a vehicle and drives even the most ungainly vehicle with touch and precision. Although clearly not a combative driver, he shows a high regard for finessing his way around obstacles, given the choice.


Lincoln Obaugh

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